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Creation. Helen David Haidle
Просмотров: 72
Вес: 320

Creation. Helen David Haidle

Helen Haidle, David Haidle

Код: 28907
ISBN: 978-0-310-700-18-0
36 стр., тверд.переплет, 2000 год
Формат (размеры): 260*210*8
Цена: 180 грн.
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In the beginning God created… Light and dark… birds that can′t fly, but can run faster than a horse… monkeys to make us laugh…gargantuan whales… brilliantly - plumed parrots… elephants with noses as long as their bodies… itsy - bitsy spiders crawling across incredibly beautiful flowers… the sun, moon, and man and woman to be like him and to be loved by him.
Creation features excerpts from Genesis and the Psalms that show God′s wonderful handiwork in all of creation. Featured in the back of this book are six pages showing God′s unique design in creatures such as the star - nosed mole, the mouth - brooder fish, and the hedgehog, along with little known facts about more common creatures such as bats, hummingbirds, and zebras.
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